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Originally Posted by sawbill View Post
I just started in SC earlier this year and picked up an R22 to make an open gun. I only used it a couple times with a not so great red dot. Just put a C-more railway on it, but have not competed with it yet. Much brighter, but it is quite a bit higher, so I can't get a good cheek weld with it, I need to do a chin weld. Of course that is all personel preforence/ fit thing, but I may get a new stock. It ran great untill I realized the front sight was canted left and I rotated the barrel. It then stove piped like crazy. I cleaned it real well, and no help, so turned barrel back to left, and it ran fine again. Not going to send it back, since Ihave a difrent rifle I have been using in iron sight class.

Currious how much of an improvment the BX trigger made. My factory trigger was a bit rough until I put a few hundred rounds through it an a couple cleanings. Now it is not too bad, just a bit too much pre and over travel. I am considering sending it off to brimstone tactical, and inquired if they worked on them and which services were availble, and they said they could only do the BX trigger job on it, so I assummed it was similar to a BX.

I may put a lighter barrel on it as well, so I weighed some of the componets to get an idea of what decrease or increase a new stock or barrel would give me. Ihave access to a scale that is accurate to the nearest gram, and got the following (converted to pounds), in case you ever decide to make changes:
complete rifle - 4.33 pounds
Stock - 1.24 pounds
Barrel - 1.69 pounds (27 oz)
stock insert that you can remove for a bull berrel - 0.21 pounds (3.4 oz)
Reciever, trigger and mag combined - 1.4 pounds

I hope your teenager enjoys the rifle, and shooting SC.
Send your trigger to Brimstone for tuning, the difference is night and day and much better than the BX trigger.
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