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Question Bolt close on cartridge issue

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I can't seem to get to the old 5mm forums anymore. They gone now?

Running into an issue I KNOW I've seen people talk about before but can't seem to find it in google.

I've got my old 591M and I cleaned and reassembled it like I always have. But %%%%ed if I can't seem to get the bolt to close easily on even an empty case, without a hell of a lot of force. Like the inverse of a bad Mossin. The bolt closes fine when no cartridge is in it.

I know I'd seen a few messages about this _exact_ problem in the old forum years back. I recall vaguely that once it was mis-assembling the bolt and another time it was maybe ??? Extractor issues ??? Getting too old to recall.

Thoughts? I will probably take it apart again and see if I missed something in the next day or two. With all this overpriced, but new, ammo I wanted to get out there again with this thing.
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