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Originally Posted by flangster View Post
I have been fooling around with a Vudoo Ravage for the past year or so. After my last outing with it, I thought it was doing well with Lapua Center-X. So I laid in a couple of bricks and set to.

When I had the folks at Vudoo put the rifle together, I chose a pretty heavy configuration. They have sporter-style builds on offer, but if I was honest with myself, I was much more likely to shoot the rifle from a bench -- with its scope, the rifle probably weighs 12 lbs or so. The Ravage is not a true benchrest stock, but it has a nice wide forearm and a generous notch in the buttstock to make shooting from a bench easier. Return to battery is almost trivial, given the .22 LR's mild impulse. I mention this because I can never leave well enough alone and had been circling a decision to check out one of Bix'N Andy's TacSport trigger.

Why not Bix'N Andy's full-on benchrest trigger? Partly because I'm chicken. The idea of a trigger set permanently in the low single ounces is probably the way to the best groups on paper, but I am still getting over the mental hump of a trigger that light. The TacSport will go down to 10 oz. and up to 2 lbs. The Vudoo was built with a Timney set at 2 lbs, and while it is a good trigger -- and so much better than the offerings at Remington these days, I felt like it could be better. And the Bix'nAndy is truly the crispest, cleanest let off of any trigger I have felt. The TacSport line is also less expensive than the BR triggers. I chose the single-stage version. Not cheap, by any means, but the least expensive of the most expensive, if you know what I mean, and the same basic design innovations that give the BR triggers their crisp, clean break.

Here are the first two targets of the day. Full target:


That there is .237 edge-to edge -- just about the best five shot group I have ever taken with a rifle. Subtracting .220 from that gets you, what, a target in the 0's? Ignore the group on the left -- that was the result of a different experiment with a Henry H001T lever-action rifle and peep sights.

The Bix trigger has -- I dunno -- ball bearings in it and is meant to be run dry. I have seen the Bullet Central videos on its design. It is all a bit beyond me. But it may have ruined me for pretty much every other lever-and-polished-sear arrangement. Man, it is pleasant to shoot. An absolutely predictable break and, even set at 10 oz. feels like it is just crisp and clean.

So whaddaya do when you are having a good day at 50 yards? Well ruin things by moving out to 100 yards, of course.

See what I mean? You move out a bit from your target and all that pride turns right to humility, without passing Go and collecting $200. On the other hand, I do see some promise for the platform in those groups. And it is funny, even though the targets are farther away, I still want all those bullet holes to touch. And no, four out of five doesn't do it. Although . . . it wasn't too long ago that I was routinely turning in targets like that 100 yard one at 50. So there's progress there, hidden in the groups.

If I was doing it again, I'd go straight to the Bix N Andy without stopping at the Timney. And it isn't a fair comparison, to be sure, because I was shooting the Timney at a higher trigger pull weight. But it's going to be a fun summer if I can get to the range. . .

Thatís some sweet shooting. Iíve shot a voodoo and enjoyed it . Your 100 yard groups show a lot of promise. I look forward to hearing about you getting that sorted out😎. The right ammo and a little more practice at 100... you and that voodoo can doo it!
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