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Originally Posted by Thomasconnor View Post
Today I added a $10 JWH 10/22 hammer kit to my Thompson. It went right in, and reduced the creep quite a bit.

The pull weight actually increased slightly, from 2 lb 12 oz (from my prior plunger re-spring) to 3 lb 2 oz (with the same springs), which in retrospect stands to reason since less creep means more of a wall. I did not change the springs, just the hammer.

Note, on a lark I bought two of the JWH hammer spring kits, and one was noticeably better than the other, and I'm trying to exchange the one that offered little or no improvement.

They were on sale for $10 but now $30 which I'm not sure I would endorse (at that $30 price). I understand they go on sale occasionally.

The moral of the story; 10/22 replacement hammer kits (offered by several makers) are an easy replacement, reduce creep and work in the Thompson...Tom
Reporting that JWH was glad to exchange the one hammer kit, I haven't yet installed it in the other rifle I bought...Tom
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