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Recalled Another Excellent Resource

Last night, just after I went to bed another excellent site popped into my mind
IZH 35M Resource - Peter Brunelli
PLEASE NOTE: I have not owned an IZH35 since the fall of 2002
and am not "in the loop" on the current status of production and availability.

I have been notified by several shooters that EAA has discontinued importing them, or IZH has stopped making them.

If you find a NOS IZH35M --- BUY IT!!!!
IZH Scrapbook
Larry's Grip Fitting
Pickle's IZH Trigger Page
Pickle's IZH Photo Gallery
Pete Brunelli had a passion for the IZH-35M ... probably still does.
But, he is not current on the model.
Nor, does he seem to be an active shooter.
That being said, his information maybe dated.
Nevertheless, it is still relevant.
The photos at his album are excellent.
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