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How well does your 30 year old car run with no maintenance?
If I had a 30 year old car, I wouldn't race it (compete with it) against new cars. I'd compete with it in a vintage class, equal odds sort of thing. I happen to race a 1956 Harley Davidson. Against other 1950s era bikes I do just fine. Actually, I'm the National Champion 2015 and 2016. Would I race my 62 year old motorcycle against a 1 year old motorcycle? Nope.

The average HS Citation is no more accurate than a bone stock out of the box Ruger Mk series when shot from a Ransom Rest. Add a trigger job to the Ruger, and it will shoot as accurate off hand as a High Standard. That's all I'm saying.

What "support" is available from Interarms TX? Heck, I waited for over two years for them to produce a completed "X series" pistol and all I got was "They're coming soon". I gave up and sold my HS and bought Italian made target pistols.

Don't get me wrong, HS are fine pistols. I just believe there are better out there with better support for parts, and for less money.
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