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I went Distinguished Rifleman in 1995, badge #1178 with an M1A, state team requirement at the time. I also earned the Presidents 100 a couple times, once with the M1A and again with the AR 15. I earned enough points to go Distinguished with the AR 15, but you only get to go there once.

The state team I shot on won the National Championship for the first time in 1996. I was a firing member of that championship team. That state team also won the national championship a few more times later on, and placed in the top 3 numerous times. I was very fortunate to shoot with that team.

It just seems to me that it is easier now to go Distinguished with the allowance of scopes. One of my former team members still dabbles with the game, and his average scores are 796 out of 800. He is an exceptional shooter, was ranked in the top 3 civilian service rifle shooters for many years when only iron sights were legal.

Good luck with your goal, and just do the best you can.
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