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A few things;
First, how hard did you pull back on the slide--these guns can be difficult to rack once the trigger is pulled and the hammer is down. Some can be hard enough that people don't buy the "bridge sight" (106, 107 and SH/108) models as they have trouble racking them without skinning a knucle on the rear sight.

Second, not being familiar with your "snap cap" of choice, it could be stuck in the chamber. These chambers are not as tight as say a Win. 52 or other match grade rifle, but tighter than some other cheaper guns. Also, maybe there was debris or corrosion in the chamber making things worse? In the future Ihe'd just use a spent shell or a yellow dry wall anchor--really cheap, work really well, also extract and can be reused quite a few times.

IE:, it could be just that the cap is stuck in your chamber and the extractor has grapped it and cannot pull it out. Try pushing in on the rear of the extractor to see if you can get the forward hook end to move away from the rim of the shell, even just a little bit, then if you can, put a sliver of plastic between the slide and barrel to keep it that way, and pull harder on the slide--really hard depending on your hand strength--I doubt you could break anything by hand.

Third, I believe there was a post here within the last few months from another gent who had the same issue on his gun--do a search and I'll look for it too. Not sure if he got it fixed or not. I am NOT prepared to tell you to put a bfass rod down the barrel and tap it as if clearing a squib. I'd exhaust all other options first including more suggestions that will likely come here, and even then if nothing works, I'd likely take it to a smith.

Do the search and wait for others to chime in too in the meantime

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