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The magazine on the left looks "normal" to me for a slant grip aka 104 HS pistol. But the green mag follower does look to be riding a little high--check to see if the mag. spring is in correctly or if it's in backwards. The 2 mags on the right look to be for your SW 41, correct? HS mags are very easy to take apart--depress the follower with a sliver of wood paint stirrer until the button on the follower is even with the hole for it in the slot--I do it by putting the base of the mag. against a stop or the bottom of my vice, push on the stirrer with my right hand and pull the button out with my left hand fingers or with a small pair of pliers. Pull the button out of the follower and remove the follower and spring from out of the top. The round portion of the top coils should be facing the forward portion of the magazine and the open end of the top coil should be facing the back of the magazine.

No, nothing wrong with posting a serial number on the internet--at least I've never had a problem and I don't know anyone who has. An Urban Legend I think, until I hear otherwise.

I've heard of Accurizer grips but never seen any that I can remember. The A 102 likely means they were for the 102 series slant grip HS guns, but as you have found, grips for the 102, and 103 and 104 series were interchangeable between frames for those 2 different series guns.
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