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I think you'll want John Stimson, whose site you visited, to comment on it.
On RFC is know here as "SGVictor". Or, you can to back to his own site and post on his forum. Note if you do, to read his Forum Rules for a complete description, complete serial number and your full name.
Better photo's would help of where it was made, etc.

Looks to me like it is a "G" series by your given serial number and made in 1975 as you say, but it surely also seems to me that either it is a custom barrel, or an OEM barrel that someone machined down to octagon.

But yours appears to be the "slant" grip 104 series which was made in 1975. Also, normally they would say the model name (such as Tournament, Citation or Trophy) on the left side of the frame above the trigger guard, but I don't see anything there in the photo. IF it is an oem slide, it would appear to be a Citation or Trophy that has been modified and / or chomed or nickled. But neither do I see an overtravel screw in the trigger. Are there any markings or symbols on the underside of the barrel? Are there any letters stamped on the frame rails beside the mag. well?
Dont recognize the grips--look like bakelite or plastic or Tenite variations of the Herrett National grip

Here is John's home page and Forum tab. Ask John, if anyone knows it will likely be him.



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