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Originally Posted by B23 View Post
I've shot sage rats (Belding's ground squirrels) at 300 and 300+ with my 17 WSM and it dispatches them well enough but they just kind of tip over dead there's certainly no splat factor like there is when you whack one at 100yds but they're tiny compared to a groundhog especially NE groundhogs.

If I can hit a little sage rat at 300 I'm sure you could hit a groundhog at 300 but y'all have some pretty big groundhogs in the NE and at that kind of distance even the 17 WSM doesn't have a whole lot of steam behind it so I'd expect a lot of crawl offs and I honestly don't think it would be the best tool for the job.

Using a 17 WSM on those big NE groundhogs I'd want to keep things 200 yds and under. We have their much smaller cousin the rockchuck out west and I'm always amazed at how much those things can absorb so unless it was a head shot a big NE groundhog getting hit by a 17 WSM shot from 300yds away would just run off and die a slow agonizing death and there's no fun in that.
I don't disagree that the shot really needs to be placed accurately. Which, admittedly is more difficult to do at 300 yards with a rimfire. Certainly, the odds of a misplaced hit increase a lot more in excess of 200 yards with this round. If I could legally use a .222 centerfire, that would be my go to. But, I can't. Honestly, even a gut shot with a .222 CF, or larger, could result on a crawl off with a NE Woodchuck. Shot placement, shot placement, shot placement.

Interestingly, the hitting force of little 17WSM is still packing over 120ft lbs of energy at 300 yards. By comparison the .22WMR is packing the same energy at 140 yards. Assuming I've entered the data into the http://www.shooterscalculator.com/ba...+Create+Graph+ correctly. The little 17WSM still has more than enough steam.

I'm still wrestling with the idea of making another attempt. I'm going to have to re-evaluate my adjustment and wait for ideal atmospheric conditions. Self admonished, yesterdays weren't.

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