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Originally Posted by JSchell1309 View Post
I did not know this. I have been researching these 7-2 for a few days now and think I came across someone wrapping a Savage or Marlin mag in a water bottle and trying to thermomold a sleeve for it.

Looks like yours you just needed to bond a small pad to make it a bit wider? Is it then just a friction fit in the mag channel or did you slot the front to engage the mag release?
Yes, got the idea from USGuy (on this forum) in 2019 (I really like his carbon wrapping)... For a reason or another, the water bottle thickness is my neck of the wood isn't the same as his.
- Ended up using some plastic from yogourt containers.

Rough up the finish on the magazine and plastic with a sanding disk, some adhesive (I like PC-7 2-Part epoxy) and wait for it to cure (I put them in a small vise)
- File the notch at the front.

Mine has been 100% reliable
I wanted some 10rds magazines to use the BB in a Appleseed match... The Covid got in the way...
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