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You mentioned precision rimfire in your original post, are you talking about the NRL22 matches? They are a lot of fun and and I am sure a CPC'd factory barrel would have the accuracy needed with good ammo for club level matches. That said for NRL22 or other shooting competitions weight can be your friend as heavier rifle steadies up better than a light carbine. The 10/22 I built up for NRL22 weighs about 10.5 lbs without sling or bipod, which is light compared to what a lot of competitors are using. Mine wears a 20" bull barrel, Vortex 4X16 scope w/MRAD reticle bedded in a Boyd's pro varmit stock with a button tang and a reworked trigger (1.5#pull). Also there are adaptors that allow you to mount Tech type sights on a bull barrel for iron sight matches.
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