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Originally Posted by gmd1950 View Post
I wish, nope it was just under $300 as I recall, and it didn't come from the "Gun Room" but Bullseye Shooting Supply south of Hickory. Don't remember what the 93.75 was for.
I was thinking that was one heck of a LEO discount.

Originally Posted by GreggieBoy View Post
Made it through 4/5th's of a large project at work. Will finish the last section this week. Big load off my mind. Given this server was installed in 2003 it has served us well. Having a constant fear for the past 10 years I'd come in on a Monday to find the thing bit the dust. Then there would be grief and consternation.
Two of my assembly lines rely on three xp boxes running Allen Bradley HMI software and two have MSSQL on them. Management hired someone to provision three new machines. They kept the old software and kept it XP. :

We pay for support and upgrades. We should be running whatever works with current hardware. New hardware will not run xp, win7 won't run on the newest stuff now.

Over Christmas, the head engineer and I went through IT's discard pile of old pc's and found a couple that disk images I made would run on. We put the boxes in a safe place. That is the current plan.

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