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Originally Posted by F4RIO View Post
(First Post on RimfireCentral)-- Greetings, I recently renewed my interest in rim fire having found an outstanding 44 US on GB 160543. It brought back fond memories of the 18 44 US we had on hand at my MCJROTC unit from around 1975 until sometime after 1998. As far as I can recall, they were all (a) models, beech stocks with an S-106 ramp front sight and S-100 receiver sight. These are their serial numbers: 100170, 104663, 107424, 107859, 110930, 116767, 123930, 125889, 127998, 143639, 147848, 150027, 150903, 159245, 160292, 162973, 163041 and 163049.
This is the 44 US I recently acquired. Appears to be in "unissued condition."
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It's a late SN....we need to find out who the moderator is to have them added to the data base.
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