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Originally Posted by olypenn22
My first post here on the pistol side, have owner several rugers, and a smith in .22 pistols but never seem to hang on to them, My interest is older Remingtons and Mossbergs .22 rifles, While buying a Mossey(a New Haven 240C) at a local pawn shop, found a H&R 922, Built in 1950, great condition, very tight, was only $80. out the door, was not expecting much but really like the way this revolver shoots. Notice I am missing front sight blade, have another on order, Have attached pictures, Any one else with experence with this .22?, Thanks Olypenn22

Well, I learned to shoot a handgun with one, does that count? Between my brother and I we probably put 10,000 rounds through it. My dad wasn't too happy, since it was his gun. We loved it. Lightweight, 9 shot, it helped you go through a box of .22 cartridges in a hurry. Double action is a bit of a challenge, however.

I always found it to be relatively accurate. I has much better accuracy out of the H&R than from the heavy barrel Ruger auto I bought years later. The first sign of wear was a tendency to skip a chamber. (remember, this was after about 10 yrs of 2 boys carrying it in holsters, pockets and everything else, over hill and dale, through streams, ponds, well you get the idea) I think you will have a blast with it.

Last year I found one in very good condition in a pawn shop. I bought it and gave it to my dad to replace his. Now if I can replace the tools we lost over the years....

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