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5mm Remington magnum

[QUOTE=fiberoptik2313;11705915]5mm Remington Magnum. Came in 591–clip fed; 592–tube fed, & TC Contender. [QUOTE]

For decades this ammunition was solid unobtainium. i gather Remington held the patent and wouldn't license or give it up for any reasonable sum. The Remington-box stuff was a collector item and too expensive (between $1 and $2 per round) to shoot, if it could be found at all. After the patent expired, Centurion started making it for around $15 per 50-round box and people started shooting it again. Must not have been a big seller, though, because it looks like Centurion has dropped it. Aguila is selling it at between $25 and $30 per box, but that seems to be a bit scarce now, too. I suspect they make limited runs of it once a year.
Before the Centurion ammo became available, there was a company, looked like a 1 or 2-man show, in Washington state that made kits to convert the Remington rifle bolts (very nice little rifles, BTW) to centerfire, plus sold custom-made brass and reloading dies for a wildcat 5mm centerfire cartridge that fit the chambers. They also had directions for forming the brass out of some other cartridge, perhaps 22 Hornet. I have a Contender with a 5mm Rem barrel and considered buying the die set and some brass for that, but was still thinking about it when the Centurion ammo showed up. Also considered having that barrel rechambered for .204 Ruger, but that's another story.
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