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I purchased a 3.5" barreled SR-22 last Monday and took it to the local outdoor range as often as I could. Although I'm a decent shot with a rifle, I haven't shot a pistol since leaving the Navy 20 years ago. Just for the heck of it, I started off with a target at 25 yards and much to my surprise (and even with my poor old eyes) every single shot hit the 12"x12" target. I was seated and rested my hands on sand bags. I spent the next several hundred rounds adjusting the sights and honing my pistol shooting skills. I used a combination of ammo, but mostly CCI Mini Mags (solids and hollow points). I didn't see much difference between the two as far as accuracy goes.

I then practiced at 7, 5 and 3 yards for my CCW class and using standard velocity ammo (Remington and Anguila) had no problem keeping my shots inside a 3"x3" square.

I was so impressed with the SR22 that I went out and bought a spotting scope so I can give 50 yards a try. Until last week I was a die hard rifle guy. Now I'm having a blast shooting this little SR22. Heck, I might sell one of my rifles and get another pistol. This is addicting! (Note: I recently gave a Mk III a try and that convinced me that my next pistol purchase will be a Mk IV 22/45. The longer, heavier barrel really dampened recoil to almost nothing and the accuracy was simply outstanding.)

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