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Old 87B not feeding or over loaded?

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My dad brought me his old 87B that he bought when he was 12 years old, in the early 1960's. It had been put up in 1981 after the firing pin broke, and left in a case until the day before Thanksgiving last week. I found it was also missing the rear sight ramp, and after trolling ebay for a couple minutes, I had both the rear sight ramp and a firing pin in route to me.

I got the parts in the rifle last night, and filled the tube with some .22 dummy rounds to check function. I loaded 12 rounds (maybe too many?) and cycled the bolt a couple of times. I was only able to recover 9 of the 12 rounds, and I could hear the loose rounds rattling around in the stock. When I took the action out of the stock, I found the 3 rounds loose in the stock.

Did I load too many? I thought there were only 10 dummy .22 rounds in the package until I only got 9 back out of the gun and read on the package there were 12. Oops!

Thanks for any insight you may be able to provide!

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