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From a hunting aspect it is unique to me if you look at all of the advertised features. Weight, barrel length, threaded, bolt release, some type of worked over bolt, a better chamber, cleaning hole in receiver, built in rail, some type of a dual bedding system and it sounds like maybe something is changed in the magazine and the price seems decent. And we are talking about half inch groups. Ruger has made a lot of different 10-22's over the years and maybe a lot of these features exist in one rifle or another but do they all exist in the same rifle. I am not as naive as I sound, I am fully aware of marketing hype, and I am not going to sell my rifles and go out and buy a couple of these. I am just discussing the fact that maybe someone woke up and decided to get a little part of this market that we all seem to be involved in. I don't hover over Ruger's website and maybe this is old news, I don't know. Maybe all of these features are old hat and not worth a darned and just called something different. But it sure sounds good to me. (It still needs a trigger)
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