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I don't find the sear to be very tricky to polish. Just be consistent, slow, and steady - and check your progress often.
I use a hard ceramic stone and focus on keeping a level angle when polishing.

I'll also agree with Test_Engineer's comment about MK II versus MK III sears, as the ones that I've seen align with his experience.

The hammer is another deal completely - it's tricky and time consuming to polish your own.

I too recently bought a MK II Government and had some free time over Thanksgiving.
The sear took me maybe 30 minutes.
The hammer, several hours.

I'll probably try and reduce it further, but have at this point dropped it from 3lbs 11oz +/- to 2lbs 5oz +/- (measured on a Lyman digital scale).

Now that it's back together, I'm more interested in shooting it than taking it apart again and spending more time honing the hammer.
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