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Originally Posted by edlmann View Post
Dunno about your skills. Go ahead and polish yours if you must, but have a new sear on hand "just in case". For $25ish delivered, that's the cheapest trigger job you can buy.
Good advice to have a backup. The sears are case hardened, which makes a hard shell on a softer interior metal. If you stone/polish thru the hard shell, it will be a matter of time until you start having problems with reliable cocking.

Also, the original MKII sears didn't seem to have too bad of a finished surface to start with. That is, compared to MKIII sears. This is the better of the 2 sears from the 2 MKIIIs I've bought NIB:

The only reason I replaced my MKII sear was the pivot hole had been worn to oblong when I purchased it (used, dirty). This made the trigger pull pretty heavy unless I put the safety on and pulled the trigger before taking the safety off and firing. The new VQ sear restored a consistent light pull weight.

Another suggestion is to polish your hammer notch. Even the VQ hammer's notch isn't terribly smooth. Hammers are very hard all the way thru, so you don't need to worry that you will go into soft metal. Just be careful to keep the angle unchanged and the edges square. I made a small jig for polishing new (to me) hammers, and work slow until the notch shines like a mirror. Usually drops the pull weight an addition 4-5 oz.
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