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Originally Posted by usmc69 View Post
What are people smoking? Is a Izhmash Biathlon-7-2-KO really worth an opening bid of $899.00 with a "Buy It Now" of $1199.00? I think I paid $250.00 or so about 5-6 years ago.
usmc69--- I don't think you missed anything, its just that certain folks, if they WANT one bad enough, are going to pay whatever it takes to obtain one of these as they are no longer available. While I personally would NOT pay that amount for one of these, I certainly AM glad I picked up a couple while they were $399 (from CDNN?, I think) a few years back. I think that was the LAST batch of these rifles imported into the USA. I have to say that the accuracy of these rifles is amazing (at least the two that I have) and the 2-stage triggers can be adjusted to a very nice break. The rest of it, however, is very "utilitarian" and the stocks (Russian fence posts?) are not much to look at. Is one of these rifles, even if NIB worth $899?? I think not, but that's just me. The thing is, though, I like the 7-2's so much I doubt if I would sell mine, even FOR $899. Talk about being conflicted...
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