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The 60A Before and After

I have finished the 60A and will try to attach some before and after pictures. Charles van Riper was extremely helpful both in writing the manual for this rifle and in correspondence while undertaking the restoration. To start, I wanted to restore the rifle to a quality fine shooting rifle. This Winchester was made around 1932 and developed some character over those years with some dings on both the wood stock and the barrel. And, some of the barrel has some pitting; so my objective was to sand out most of the larger dings in the stock and also the barrel. I didn't want to completely eliminate all the imperfections (it would reduce the wood and metal considerably), I wanted to leave some character. There wasn't much I could do with the bolt assembly unless I wanted to replate it, which I didn't. So hopefully some will agree with what I have done. I'm satisfied! Now to learn how to transmit photos on this list.
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