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I shot a 10/22 with a Boyd's tacticool stock (maybe they call it a pro varmint now) at Perry last summer. TU Class. The dudes who checked in my rifles told me I could shoot it in the T class if I wanted. I don't know who they were, but I'm going to leave it in TU if I shoot next year...don't want to worry about it. It is very nice for this game, and I'm sure the Magpul would be good also. I will modify a leftover carbine stock for a T class gun next year. Will keep it very simple...just a flat butt and a straighter comb. The factory stock grip and forend suits me fine.

It would be good to get a definitive answer on stocks from CMP folks ahead of time so we can plan accordingly.

Edit: the new 2020 draft rules on the web site do have some photos to help explain their ruling on the gun classes. Check it out.

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