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Originally Posted by huntschool View Post

I have been following this thread on your gun/Lilja barrel and want to thank you for all your info.
I have a Lilja barrel that I want to swap into my new 457 American and have a pretty good bunch of Eley ammo stashed for it.

I really have to ask about the Night Force scope. Thats a bunch of $$$ to put on that rifle. Are you pleased with it ?

Next is, I was/am considering getting a 455 with synthetic stock and doing the swap with that gun. What do you think of the stock ?

Thanks in advance.
Very pleased with scope. Love the reticle (IHR). If woods get ultra dark during day one can switch on lighted reticle.
Turrents are handy for helping with shots (with 75 yard zero) to shoot out to say 125 yards.
Turrents can be used for wind too.
Reticle obscures very little. For a 10x scope the reticle for its size is likely acting more like a 12x scope with thicker reticle.
I mounted scope high enough where I still have room to keep using Nightforce scope covers. I like these covers. Lots of others folks don’t. I can take off cover and shoot in the rain if need be and covers stay attached to scope.
Set it and forget it.
You bump gun. No sweat. You might be able to drop gun and still be on zero.
Just a scope I have a lot of confidence it.
Zero stop is nice.
I haven’t used the mag throw lever yet.
Need to out it on. I usually hunt with mag at 6x. But for longer shots crank to 10.
Biggest gripe with scope. Parallax knob not marked for yardage. It does have markings just not yardage.
Good plain image.
I have a Nikon I bought for a project gun.
Look through it looks like the Milky Way after using nightorce.
Not evenly heavy scope. Not overly long.
A good match for 17 hm2 imo.
Good feel when installed on CZ 455 with lilja varmint sporter barrel.
Feels good when slung. I can walk for hours wearing on shoulder.

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