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found this thread as i was having the exact same problem with my Pac-Lite on a MKIII lower... one lad on-ine suggested that the chamber was too 'sharp,' resulting in bad feeds.. he offered that a slight polish of the chamber edge (a very minute chamfer) helped him...

so i tried it on my Pac-Lite 4.5 barrel... i used a light, angled sanding of a toothpick-sized tight roll of 400-grit wet-or-dry, followed up with a polishing of the chamber using a fleece swab...

it worked! failure to extract (stovepipe) went down to 1 out of 200 using Winchester M-22s and CCI SV LRN... the barrel still doesn't like Aguila Super Extra...

this is unlike my MKIII stainless upper on a MKII lower and MKII stainless - both those eat ANYTHING fed into them...

i'm calling the problem as due to the chamber..... i would normally suspect magazine problems, but the magazines (i have 12 of 'em) work flawlessly on my other MK IIs and the MK III frame with MK III upper

i think Tactisol has some issues that are long un-resolved, as i've read about this problem dating back more than 10 years...

unfortunately, Tactisol is the only solution if you want an inexpensive threaded barrel...

i'm leaving my other stainless MK III and MK II (threaded) barrel as my target pistol.. the Tactisol is just now a 'fun gun' with my suppressor...

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