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Dave, hope this helps some but it's not always 100% true. Both my Freedom Arms 10" and Anschutz Exemplar 10" barreled pistols use the same settings as most of my 28" barreled older target rifles. My shorter barreled Russian rimfires are faster and use slightly less elevation to hit the same targets from 25 yards to 197 yards.

The exceptation to this is my 28" Remington 40XB which is my fastest gun and uses less elevation than any of my others. Another guy we shot with also has a Remington 40XB and is also a fast gun with settings nearly identical to mine.

This is shooting midpriced ammo such as SK and Wolf which we all use in our guns for my matches. I just got a case of SK Biathalon but haven't tried in the various guns to compare settings versus barrel length.

Think the 10" barrels are still accelerating and the 28" are being slowed slightly. On a good day both short and long will be competitive although the shorter barrels are WAY more sensitive to shooter input with the Freedom being the most picky.

I don't chronograph my shots but use my targets at 197 and beyond to gauge accuracy and how a particular ammo will perform. I accept anything that will consistently stay on my clay pigeon size target at 195 yards good enough for my matches. In some guns I get that with the cheap $2.06 Geco rifle stuff.

These rimfires are sensitive to so many things but I've seen so many competitors at my matches going from being happy to hit a few of my smaller plates to now nearly cleaning my course. I limit my ammo to no more than $8.00/50 so I really think we have critiqued and become so sensitive to what makes the guns shoot AND paying attention to what Mother Nature is telling us we are hitting more and really small targets.

A few years ago we were ridiculed when we told others how far we were shooting but now ELR has become the fad and everyone is giving it a go.

Hope this helps some.


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