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David Valdina
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My experience with .22 magnum ammo...

My experience with .22 magnum ammunition has been one of disappointment. I did try over some years to get a rifle/ammo combination that would give me the ability to take squirrel sized animals out to 100 yards if I had a mind to do so. Shooting off of a bench, which would be unrealistic in the woods, I never got small enough groups to be ethical. And my offhand shooting accuracy has deteriorated as I have grown older. So I still shoot paper, but if I were to be honest, I would have to stay within 50 yards and be comfortably sitting to ethically hunt little critters. And at that range, in truth, a standard velocity .22 long rifle will do, and be a bit more accurate to boot. I will make one other plug for safety, which I have made before in the squirrel threads. It is too easy to have a .22 bullet fired up into the air at a squirrel in a tree to have that bullet come down to earth someplace. If it hits a person, it can be fatal. Boy do the squirrel hunters get upset with me on this. But it is true, I had a friend back in the fifties who shot, his bullet cleared a large hill, coming down in Chester, Vermont and creased a lady's belly. Some places you are required to use shotgun, which is way safer. But past traditions are attractive. As you read this, if you are such a hunter, please try and have the squirrel have a tree trunk behind him.
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