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Check that the slide is fully closed for that second shot. If not the firing pin has to fully seat the cartridge, loosing some of its energy and left with not enough to set off the primer in there rim.

Several things might cause the slide to not fully close. The common one is the magazine lips are not tuned correctly and they allow the soft lead bullet nose to hit the edge of the chamber, deform it and keep the cartridge from fully seating in the chamber. There is also the possiblity that the chamber is dirty enough to slow the entrance of the cartridge into the chamber. Then there is the recoil spring which should be changed out when you first get the used gun and every 10 to 15 thousand rounds thereafter. The recoil spring is in a tight cavity where the sides of the coils wear away, reducing the recoil spring strength.

Then there is the ammo issue. Perhaps the ammo you are using is under powered. But these guns need Standard Velocity ammo (not High or Hyper) as extended use with a worn out recoil spring and/or High or Hyper Velocity ammo can eventually cause a frame crack (well documented, unfortunately). CCI Standard Velocity is the GO-TO ammo for this gun because it is the least expensive accurate reliable readily available Std Vel ammo on the market.

So....Replace the recoil spring, clean the chamber until it will pass the plop test (dropping a live cartridge into a vertical barrel with a resultant "plop" as it falls home) and chamber live rounds at the range (gun pointed down range) and immediately extract them and look for excessive marks on the soft lead bullet where it might have hit the chamber edge during loading. Tune the magazines to minimize or eliminate poor ammo feeding. You can also inspect the second round right after it feeds doing shooting. Pushing the slide home after every shot with the thumb may reveal if it is the lack of the cartridge fully seating that is the problem.

If all of that does not fix the gun then come on back for more help. Its what we do here!

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