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$399 for 44US(b): Nice price or crack pipe?

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My local shop has a Mossberg 44US (b) with S100 peep, post/ring front sight with hood, the skinny and long Mossberg scope and mount (looks original to the gun), sling with swivels, and a magazine. The gun looks pretty nice, rust-free, buttplate looks great, possibly refinished (nicely) stock. Missing the green safety plug. They're asking $399.

I'm looking for a "trainer" right now, something cheaper and softer shooting than my Garand. I'm thinking either this or a 10/22. The problem is to get a 10/22 where I want it with peeps, longer barrel, etc., I'll end up putting in a lot (like almost as much as the Mossberg). I also like older guns and keep striking out on older 10/22 for sale around here. However, the magazines are much, much cheaper. I'd like a GI 44US or Remington 513, but have been unlucky in my search. I found a MAS 45, but the seller wanted over $600 for it.

I guess I'm asking two questions: a) is it a good price, and b) would it be a good fit for me?
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