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I just caught this- thanks for the words from all of you.
I sincerely hope that every recipient of my kits finds them
useful & helpful- personally, I’ve found them to save lots of time and ammo-

They are NOT meant to REPLACE a good old rod and brush.
Where they work best is as an “in between” full tear down and
full scrub cleanings, which can be done from a couple to a handful of times between deep cleaning, depending upon the surface of the rifles bore. Rifles with barrels that have top end bores that are lapped glass smooth will allow for more “Gunner cleanings“ than those that are rough or show chatter marks in the lands and grooves.
This kit also excels at quick cleanings between ammo changes when testing at the range, I find that when I use it for that purpose I usually need far fewer fouling shots when changing to a different ammo type. And finally, it is also very useful if I’m at the range shooting one of my custom semi autos, and have put perhaps half a brick of ammo down range and accuracy starts to fall off. A quick scrub out of the receiver, breech and bolt face/pocket with an M-16 toothbrush followed by quick chamber scrub and patch pull treatment on the barrel going from a jag puller to a loose button to a tight button will allow me to get back to shooting, confident that the rifle will come back and behave long enough to finish my shooting session.
All in a few minutes, without disassembling the rifle, in a kit that easily fits into one of my range bags.


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