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Originally Posted by cpaspr View Post
Make sure to download the correct manual. I have both a 1958 Standard and a 1980s Mark II. The takedown instructions are slightly different. Or at least that's my recollection. It's been a while since I took both apart at the same sitting.
FWIW, the triggers between the Standard and MkII have different pivot pin anchoring set ups. The trigger pin on the Standards are held in place with an internal 5/32"E-Clip (PN-A34-1), just left of the trigger pivot point. IME, (with the e-clip having been installed from the top) a 1/16" punch pushed under the bottom open end of the e-clip will release it from the pivot pin. CAUTION, hold a closed palm over the trigger area to stop the e-clip from launching...forever (don't ask how I know)! To re-install, I use a large 5/16" flat blade screwdriver (with a slightly magnetized tip) to re-clip the e-clip back in place onto the top of the pivot pin notch!

The MkII has an installed semi-round spring in the grip right side lower (PN-KA04200). It can be pushed down from above with a very small blade flat head screwdriver, releasing the pivot pin. When reinstalling the trigger pivot pin, the spring clip will find the pivot pins notch, re-locking the pin in place!

You may not want\need to go this far with maintenance, but if you do...

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