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Originally Posted by LtCrunch View Post

I love a good gedanken experiment and this thread is certainly thought provoking.

I suspect that a simple consumer chronograph will not have the precision necessary to differentiate the slight ignition timing differences between firing pin locations but am certainly willing to wait and let your data tell the story.
By reviewing some of the replies it seems nobody has read the results from tests that have already been done. Only had to click a link and read. Not a real motivator to do even more work. Fortunately I am personally curious and don't mind sharing my work. I actually appreciate another critical set of eyes even if it comes with a..., uh...personality(not you).

You would be surprised at the level of precision that is available to the consumer for very low cost. My ProChrono when set up well is amazingly accurate. I firmly believe that even cheap instruments are better than guesses. Take the Wheeler trigger pull gauge for example. I 've tested it to aconfident +/- 4 oz.(probably half that) Lab precision? No. Better than guessing? By a magnitude.

We'll see where this goes. I would ask that people who don't see value in it to stop cluttering the post.
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