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You can do this too

Thank you Cactus Jack and all you guys for the compliments. Let me say this though, any of you can this sort of work with a minimal investment in time, tools, and raw materials.

I was lucky to both have a teacher with the skills and equipment to make it easy. It probably didn't hurt that I have a lapidary background but it didn't help much either.

Wayne had the right rough (cohesive homogeneous stone), the right 20" diamond saw to make the blanks, and the right 10" carbide grinding wheels to preshape them. You can skip all that by buying preformed and shaped blanks. Here's one outfit with a nice selection. http://kentuckyflintworks.com/BLACKOBSBLANKS.html

As long as the stone exhibits a conchoidal fracture (think glass) then the pressure flaking process is surprisingly easy. It's not like percussion flaking. That takes a lot of skill and wastes a lot of raw material. Pressure flaking is lots of small bites and it's really hard to screw up. This fellow shows how to do it, it's even easier with a preformed blank https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y90h3m0Q7Pk

Anyway, again thank you all and if you're interested give it a try. I bet you surprise yourself


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