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Originally Posted by danimal308 View Post
Surefire... is there another great brand of tac flashlight?
Seriously, I like the G2 LED for a weapon light. Its light weight, there are lightweight mounts available (check out V-Tac light mounts) the LED will last a virtual lifetime. Buy from a police supply house and stay away from retail gunshops that cater to those with money to spare. I buy from a gunshop in my area that sells there lights at good prices (~$35 for a G2) and sell the batteries at just above cost ($21 for a box of 12). That beats everything on-line since I dont have to pay shipping.
Besides Surefire, Fenix UC35 is my favorite tactical flashlight. It is one of the daily portable flashlights, mainly because it is compact and easy to carry. The battery life is long and the price is moderate, making it ideal for purchasing multiple flashlights as an emergency.
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