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10/22’s are finicky, at least when you seek ultimate accuracy. I’ve got two of Larry’s beautiful bench rest stocks. The first was not pillared. The second was. The first is on a stock Ruger heavy barrel with the swirly hammer forged barrel. It is an excellent shooter. The second is a Frankenstein-Ruger i built from top-shelf parts.

In both cases i had groups like yours until i bedded them. Keep in mind that with a heavy barrel and only one solid screw down mounting point you will get ‘flip’ and ‘whip.’ It may be heavy but it indeed moves as the projectile travels its length.

The back of the receiver must rest on a surface firmer than the hardwood stock, and almost for certain, the barrel should be bedded out to the longitudinal (or axial; if you prefer) center of gravity.

So first get your pillar situated and epoxied. Shoot it with the barrel free floated. Assuming it looks decent, epoxy bed the back and sides of the receiver. Make sure the barrel is still floated. Go shoot it. Keep the target. Now bed the barrel to the c.g. And see if it shoots better. It should. If not grind out the barrel epoxy.

Make sure that in the end, all the epoxy work is clean and smooth. The barreled receiver pivoting on a point 0.0005 inch can put you off by an inch at 50 yards.
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