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My eyes are 60 so I'm in the same boat, I went in search of a scope for the TD and the bug buster was most recommended here.. But I also like my primary arms products, the ACSS ranging reticles make shooters out of 1st timers.. So I bought the fixed 6 .22 scope for the takedown, then I bought 1 for the Colt m4-22, then I bought a 3rd for the 15-22.. I/we plink in the backyard from 25-150 yds and pinging 3 inch steel is a breeze at 50-75, 100 gets more challenging but we can ping 10 inch plates out to 150 with great success.. The scope is 9" so it barely exceeds the receiver and fits the bag nicely, The eye relief is also very generous as many have noticed..
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