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Originally Posted by Old Hickory View Post
I have been plagued with misfires, sometimes as many as 8 in a row. And as for a hunt, it pretty well spoils a hunt.

I again went to my gunsmith pal and he took apart my bolt and we agreed the rifle bolt is fine.

We then pulled the bullet of a dud round, poured out the powder, and examined the primer material. Our discovery was there was almost no primer material with most areas, none at all.

I have been buying box after box of mostly duds because our local stores sell the old crap ammo. Notices to the stores has resulted in nothing.

I contacted Winchester and gave them the details and am waiting for their decision as for my problem. I have 10 or 11 boxes of the worthless fodder I can't depend upon.
Dang buddy, I hate to hear this about your ammo! Keep me posted, At least the squirrels are the only ones happy right now!
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