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Originally Posted by DrGunner View Post
Would it be in keeping with the SS rules to have owners of traditional sporters that are threaded for a suppressor install a thread protector cap and photograph their rifles like that, without the can installed?

I have a threaded barrel on my Rem SuperStock now so lets take a vote. Anything is better than nothing at this stage IMO.

I think one way to revive this forum would be for the SS traditionalists to start perusing the other 10-22 forums and look for those noobs that are still joining RFC every day, looking for ways to enhance the performance of their 10-22. I see members all the time who pulled out their old 10-22 or just bought a new one and post threads looking for advice. You guys need to speak up and educate them; let them know that there are 3 entire subfora dedicated to inexpensive and proven methods to improving the 10-22 that doesn’t require investing hundreds of dollars in aftermarket parts. You have to speak up before all the fanboys jump in and say, “Buy Brand X barrel or trigger!”.
I’ve sent PMs to many such members over the years, but they need to actually receive the promised help and advice when they post here.

Just my $.02, FWIW

I don't have a 10/22 so not much help in that dept. but I can do hoo-rahs and could find some pom-poms to wave for y'all when I'm not whacking limb chickens off the bird feeder with my SS.

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