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Only way you'll really know is to shoot both and see which shoots best in your gun. There is just no way of knowing any other way.

I have two CZ 527 Varmint model 17 Hornets. One of them shoots factory ammo and my reloads pretty near the same and the other one doesn't shoot factory ammo quite as well but shoots my hand loads the best of anything in either one.

Factory barrels are always somewhat of a crap shoot, you just never know what you're going to get, and occasionally you get one that is stinker. But, much more often than not, the little CZ 527's in 17 Hornet shoot pretty well.

Also, CZ coats these things from the factory with kind of a thick syrupy protective layer oil so I'd recommend giving the barrel a good cleaning before you shoot it and don't freakout when the first two patches come out looking black. Can't speak for others, but all of the different CZ 527's I've had, the first few patches came out looking all kinds of nasty.
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