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I just stuck a new 16" Ruger barrel on a TD that is in a PMACA chassis...my regular RFRO for Steel Challenge is a 10" CMMG conversion unit on a registered SBR, using CCI Blazer in a Black Dog Xtreme mag... it is very quick... I wanted to retain the AR style pistol grip and adjustable stock but to change the magazine system, as I believe the rotary magazine for a 10/22 is more reliable, so for a project gun stuck a Vortex Spitfire prism dot on it, and was pleasantly surprised with the dime size group I got off the bag at 25yd (indoor range).... the center dot on the Spitfire is very small and did not really work as I wanted for the AR9 PCC it was purchased for, but I think it has found a new home... regards
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