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Originally Posted by PisgahProject View Post
So I'm trying to understand setup... and been looking at as many threads as I can. But I think most of the Ruger 10/22 targets weigh in at 7.5 or 8lbs ...according to the rules these would not be allowed due to weight. Only ones with bull barrels I see are sleeved either Volquartsen, Magnum Research or WP. Even in the pamphlet 2018 http://thecmp.org/wp-content/uploads...f?ver=20180406 there are 3 showing bull barrels. Unless running sleeved how are they making weight with an optic?

As per rule 8.2.2 pistol grips and thumbholes are not allowed so TU so would be the only class for Magpul, Titan because of the angle grip??

on 8.2.2 a - when it talks about fixed sling if I have a sling in a fixed QD mount that's screwed it is (semi) permanently attached would this be legal? or do I have to use the swing swivel since the QD hole is at the end of pic rail?
My 10/22s make weight only with the lightweight VQ barrels. A standard heavy BBL won't make weight.

A stock 10/22 will absolutely make weight.

Your sling swivel is fine.

Your stock question, will have to get CMP rules committee to clarify, or...call and ask, better yet, email a pic of stock and ask.

I'm thinking Magpul X22 will be TU, but I'm not certain on that.

Will only really matter at a big match (Regional Games or Nationals), you'll find out during tech insp whether it is T or TU.

MOST local matches don't have proper trigger weights (official weight set), or a scale to weigh entire rifle.

I'd say, email CMP rules committee with pics if you want clarification from them.


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