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Originally Posted by Al the Infidel View Post
You got that right and look at SuperStock now.
Originally Posted by OpsMgr View Post
Changes to the original "Spirit" of SuperStock is one of the reasons I'm no longer active in this forum. I miss the original pirates and seeing a pic of Rico makes makes me miss those times even more.
I totally get the desire to stick with tradition here...

But suppressors are a much more integral part of rimfire shooting today, compared to years past- especially for hunters.

Would it be in keeping with the SS rules to have owners of traditional sporters that are threaded for a suppressor install a thread protector cap and photograph their rifles like that, without the can installed?

I think a big part of “what happened” to SuperStock is prevalent in Ultimates as well...
The SS forum had its roots in DIY modifications that significantly enhanced the performance of the rifle without changing its outward appearance. Nowadays, the aftermarket has grown to a point that people are more likely to completely swap out parts rather than modify them as-is. The current generation of shooters is often not as likely to tear down a trigger group and perform mods when there are drop in kits and full trigger groups available that offer guaranteed performance at an attractive price point. The same goes for barrels, bolts, and stocks. Then there’s the concept of aesthetics. I love my sporters, especially my Anschutz 1712, and would never swap out the stock because to me, it’s design is classic and timeless.
There simply aren’t as many pure fans of walnut & blue steel in a generation where black rifles are considered “cool”.

I think one way to revive this forum would be for the SS traditionalists to start perusing the other 10-22 forums and look for those noobs that are still joining RFC every day, looking for ways to enhance the performance of their 10-22. I see members all the time who pulled out their old 10-22 or just bought a new one and post threads looking for advice. You guys need to speak up and educate them; let them know that there are 3 entire subfora dedicated to inexpensive and proven methods to improving the 10-22 that doesn’t require investing hundreds of dollars in aftermarket parts. You have to speak up before all the fanboys jump in and say, “Buy Brand X barrel or trigger!”.
I’ve sent PMs to many such members over the years, but they need to actually receive the promised help and advice when they post here.

Just my $.02, FWIW

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