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The monthly match on the south side of town.

NRA steel, meters
Anschutz 1710
Leupold Vari-X III / Premier boosted scope @ ~30X
SK Rifle Match
Date: 11-23-19

Match #1, Standard Rifle
Class: AAA

Chickens - 5
Pigs - 5
Turkeys - 8
Rams - 6
TOTAL - 24

Started on Pigs, ended on Chickens. It's pretty sad when your best animal is Turkeys! I put three shots between the legs on the Pigs this match.

Match #2, Hunter Rifle
Class: AAA

Chickens - 6
Pigs - 9
Turkeys - 7
Rams - 7
TOTAL - 29

Much happier with the Pigs but just couldn't get it together on Chickens.

This particular range faces south so we had the sun in our eyes/scopes while the animals were shaded by the backstops. Quite annoying, but that's part of the game.
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