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Henry Frontier H001TMLB -- .22 WMR

Hereís my impression of the Henry Frontier H001TMLB (.22 WMR, 24Ē octagon bbl) -- the first new gun I ever bought. By the time I left the store with rifle in hand, it was dang near six bills with all the taxes and restrictive fees that Calif sticks gun-buyers with. Iím sure yaíll will have a better shopping experience wherever you are!

Was impressed, out of the box, with the look and heft of the Henry. Loved the octagon bbl, dark lustrous bluing and nicely finished furniture. But was not impressed with the way the lever did not retract up to the tang. It didnít close all the way (IMO). Probably a snarky nit on my part, but I contacted Henry customer service, which is second to none in making their customers happy. I explained my issue and they immediately sent me a new lever, free.

The cheat sheet they sent with the new lever was for installing the cowboy-style loop lever, which was good because it spoke to dealing with the innards of the .22 WMR version, which is different than the S/L/LR version. At the time the Henry website had no info on the WMR version. That was 2 years ago, so they may have updated their instructional videos.

The first time at the range, the ammo wouldnít feed out of the tube. The tube dia was slightly smaller than the ammo casing (think it was CCI) and the cartridges hung up. Took a car key and with a circular motion enlarged the tube opening slightly which solved the problem and itís been working great ever since. The rifle is a very fun shooter because itís accurate. Watching their company video, I see that they use Pratt & Whitney machine tooling to drill their barrels. (This impressed me because it was P&W machine tools that made the Lithgow, Australian versions of the .303 Lee-Enfield the most accurate of all Ė 100 years ago. I know, I have one and shoot it regularly).

Other commenters on this forum have remarked on the painted pot metal receivers. Iíve already got a few scratches on mine in the field. I would love to buy a blued steel version as an option if they offered it, but they do it this way to keep the cost down. Bottom line itís a very good shooter for the money, and fun. And thatís what itís all about with something like this. Something else to remember: Henry customer service is, in my experience, the absolute best. If you have any issues at all, theyíll cover you all the way down the line. Major compliments to Tony Imperato, president of Henry Arms. He gets it.
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