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Picked up this receiver adaptor to change the super-narrow dovetail to a Weaver/pic style. They sell two different ones; so if you need this solution, order the KS-W23, not the other one. I did have to shim the pieces that grab the dovetail with some chrome tape (auto parts store, paint section), that is sticky on one side. Like using duct tape only thinner. I needed two layers on each place that grips the dovetail. It's holding on very tightly. I just ordered it four days ago, and it came today.

So here'e a pic of the adaptor itself, and one with a scope mounted. Now I can properly test this gun for accuracy, after having done some chamber/leade cleaning. Gonna shoot it on the 6th with the Wolf. Even with these low rings, the scope might still be a bit high for dialing it in vertically. We'll see; but I will still be able to check out the accuracy.

The brand-new $100 Hawke scope (22WMR, 4-12X, AO, model 14242) has red/green lighting for the south portion of the crosshair reticle. Yep, I paid $108 with tax at my fave LGS, which always seems to get good deals on stuff. This may have been overstock or something.
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