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Originally Posted by johnbe View Post
Never found the box. A gunsmith told me to bring it in and they'd diagnose and fix it for me. I'd probably have to go that route regardless what the test target revealed. I've owned the gun 11 years and it's just been taking up space in my safe. Time to deal with it.
Probably a good thing you kept it, the value after they stopped making them jumped and now circa 2019 the 1416 Anschutz Sporting Rifles (same action) are also no longer being made and that may not hurt value. You won't lose a penny taking that gun to a Smith (had you not had the gun in the first place). Have the Smith adjust the trigger for you.

Had you tried the ole dollar bill trick to see if the barrel is floating? I'd immediately loosen the action screws first and re tighten making sure the bore was centered in the channel before you do the dollar bill test. Do not crank down on those screws when alternately re tightening and snug the rear screw first before the forward, toward the forearm screw. Torque them on the order of "Inch Pounds" not Foot Pounds.

Why would I adjust the action screws? Because I believe these can be sent from the factory way too tight! You'll probably darn near need a breaker bar in order to break them loose.

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