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Solved the feeding issue on the trainer.

I pulled the bolt out, knocked out the pin that holds the firing pin in place, so I could tip the FP up to get access to it. I then sanded it with 400/1000/1500 grit wet/dry sandpaper, cleaned out the channel it sits in with a pipe cleaner and Hoppes #9, then oiled the FP with Rem Oil. Reinserted pin.

With a little research, I discovered that the issue with these guns is the design of the firing pin being also the ejector. Two things have to be done: make sure the FP moves freely, as I did, and push the bolt forward smartly to make the FP go to the rear as you are loading a round. If you move the bolt forward slowly, the FP stays forward and gets in the way of the round being loaded.

Likewise, you want to snap the bolt back with good energy as well, to properly eject the spent round. Again it has to do with the design. I'm guessing that when they designed this gun, they didn't want to get into any patent-infringement lawsuits with Brno/CZ. So only one extractor and a sub-optimal FP/ejection system.

Other people have suggested as a fix to replace the bolt release's spring with a stronger one, since the bolt release also doubles as a restraint for the FP when pushing the bolt forward. Another guy said he put a small spring in the FP channel to help it stay back when not needed, but didn't explain how. Neither of these fixes is necessary.

BTW I received the two mags I bought from CSSpecs after buying the first one. The second two were supposedly blems, but I can't tell them apart from my non-blemished one. All function perfectly. At first one of them wouldn't take 5 rounds, so I just put in 4 and cycled them through the gun a few times, to loosen the spring. Now all hold 5 just fine, and cycle perfectly.

As break-in for the new mags, I took them apart (very easy), oiled the spring, sanded up to 1500 grit the front, rear and top of the follower; then oiled the front and rear of the follower. Probably overkill, but they do function very nicely. I loaded 5 rounds in each mag to help break the spring in some more, and left it that way until I go shoot it, probably tmw.

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