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Originally Posted by jpw062 View Post
Did you offer to help him out? Did anyone let him shoot a rifle set-up for competition?
It is hard to 'read tone' accurately, but reading your post I get the feeling you are fairly proud of scaring him off and view it as a victory. If accurate, there may have been more reason than two successful shots as to why he did not return.
There are ten or more groups with meetings listed on meetup.org every night in my area. Archery, axe throwing, board games, language exchange, wine/beer/whiskey tasting, etc. etc. Most offer a challenge of some sort. I return to the ones where people are friendly and helpful.
Dude for one you don't know me. How any matches have you helped run for years? Air Rifle, Small Bore, High Power? I've helped run them all including Nationals. So your ASSumption is just that! I have brought as many as I could find to a match to try the game, I offer them my ammo and my custom 1712 rifle to try if they'd like and offer tips. The guy that turned away and never came back was the friend of another shooter I did nothing to make him feel unwanted! You'd have a smile on your face if you just shot 2 CHICKENS off the RAM LINE! So sue me for being happy with my 2/3! If you think the silhouette shooters from Louisiana are unhelpful, unfriendly people you obviously have never been there.

The point of my post is that many people in this society want instant gratification. We call them bench rest shooters. People do not want to think about the time and effort it will take them to compete with Master class shooters. Others like myself are drawn to one day being able to shoot with the Masters if we challenge ourselves and when you finally achieve that there is a great deal of satisfaction. Much more than decreasing my group CTC by .021" off a bench! But hey that's just me!
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